Zhejiang University of Technology Teachers' personal homepage is a platform for teachers to manage and publish their personal homepage. Teachers can establish a personal home page on this platform to display personal basic information, educational achievements, research achievements, publication of works and so on. The platform is an important window and platform to show teachers' style, promote academic exchanges, promote scientific research cooperation and assist curriculum teaching

  The system provides unified, easy and personalized homepage maintenance and management functions for the teachers, who can login in with unified identity authentication, edit and manage personal homepages, The contents are maintained by the teachers only, who are responsible for the authenticity of the contents.

  Personnel affiliated to system or not can search the relevant information of the teacher by the teacher’s family name (in pinyin), faculty or by the teacher’s name, unit or research fields on the homepage.

Department administrators can maintain the teacher's personal homepage of all teachers in their college for unified management.

Feedback please put forward your valuable opinions and suggestions through the problem feedback column at the top right of the teacher's personal home page!